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Botting Command Additions

Plugins can also add custom commands to the botting tab. Regular plugin api functions can be used within the Activate method. This page describes how to make a plugin that registers new commands.
[Plugin(1, "Extra Botting Command Plugin", "Adds new command to the botting tab!")]
public class PluginCore : IStartPlugin
/// <summary>
/// Should be used to check compatability with the
/// current version of the bot.
/// </summary>
public override void OnLoad(int version, int subversion, int buildversion) { }
public override PluginResponse OnEnable(IBotSettings botSettings) {
/* Regular plugin content */
return base.OnEnable(botSettings);
public class TestCommand : IExternalCommand {
public override string Name => "Test Command 1";
public override string Description => "This is a description for the command.";
public TestCommand() {
this.Variables = new ICommandVariableCollection(
new ExternalCommandVariable(typeof(string), "internal_variable_name", "Text to print", "What message should we send to the chat?", "This is a default message")
public override CommandResponse Activate(IBotContext Context, ICommandVariables arguments, IStopToken token) {
Context.Functions.Chat("Hello, my message is: " + arguments.Get<string>("internal_variable_name"));
return new CommandResponse(); // no parameters means success=true