Events (basic)

A basic code example that shows you how to make a plugin listen for certain events.


Task class that will be registered in PluginBase.cs and will be responsible to handle/report events that we receive from the server.

public class EventTask : ITask, IDeathListener, ITickListener {

    // Start gets called once the Task is registered by 
    // PluginCore.cs using RegisterTask(). This ensures that
    // the Context variable has been set to the current bot's context.
    public override async Task Start() {
        // We can register events here for the events that do
        // not have an inheritable listener class.
        // (unlike inheritable listeners these events will ignore 
        // the Exec() function)
        EventsContext.Events.onChat += OnChatMessageReceived;
    // The stop method is called once the plugin is stopped for this bot.
    public override async Task Stop() {
        // It is important to unregister any events that we register manually
        // (in Start).
        Context.Events.onChat -= OnChatMessageReceived;

    // Determines wether the listeners (IDeathListener, ITickListener) will execute.
    // If this returns true then the listeners do execute normally,
    // otherwise the events will not be called.
    public override bool Exec() {
        // Always execute.
        return true;

    // Event is called when bot dies and Exec() returns true,
    // this is because we inherit from IDeathListener.     
    public async Task OnDeath() {
        Console.WriteLine($"Oh no, the bot {Context.Player.GetUsername()} just died!");
    public async Task OnTick() {
        // This is called each tick (~50ms) while Exec() returns true.

    public void OnChatMessageReceived(IBotContext context, IChat message, byte position) {
        if (!Exec()) return; // manually check if Exec tells us to execute.
        Console.WriteLine($"Message received: {message.GetText()}");

You can find out all of the available inheritable Listener classes here.

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