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Quick Start

A quick start on writing plugins for OQ.MineBot. This can be seen as a tl;dr version of the Introduction, however it's still highly recommended to read the Introduction section.
To get quickly started with plugin making simply follow these instructions:

Part 1: creating project and setting up dependencies.

  • Create a Class Library (.NET Framework)
  • Ensure that you have all of the necessary pre-requisites:
    • Open NuGet package manager.
    • Install the OQ.MineBot.PluginBase package.
  • Every plugin is required to have a PluginCore which is used for things like defining attributes like the name of the plugin, version, and description:
  • Then you will need to have an OnLoad method which will be called once the plugin is loaded/reloaded, which is usually when the bot is started. The settings are optional and can be overwritten if you don't want to include any settings:
  • Finally, you will need an OnStart method which will register all of your task classes and is called as soon as the plugin is started on a bot:

Part 2: creating tasks

  • Create a task class, which will allow you to interact with the bot and it's environment.
  • Inherit from ITask (and optionally any of the Listeners):
  • Implement Exec, which will tell the bot if any of the Listeners can be called, and add any listener code:
That's it, now you can build the plugin and test it on the bot
For a more in-depth guide check out the Introduction page.
Download Template Code Here